Are you tackling the challenge to integrate security into the development process?

Application security can be a complex task and often requires experience and expertise that is hard to find. Determining the most efficient and effective way of embedding security into your application development processes can be confusing and challenging. The good news is that you don’t have to make the trek on your own. Welcome to our Advisory Services offering.

The support you need

We understand the challenge of having limited resources for application security. The struggle to try and achieve everything yourself. Do you feel the pressure to be right all the time? Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off of or just check your sanity.

The value added

The quicker you can address a concern, the cheaper that concern becomes. Conversely, the longer you spend can increase the cost. DevelopSec aims to provide the support you need to make more confident decisions and add value to your organization.

What are your options

  • Email  support is great as it provides great documented information. It also provides a chance to pull thoughts together and provide a more detailed response that can be reviewed anytime.
  • Phone  support is the next level above email. It creates a more personal experience and allows for more ideas to be discussed in a shorter timeline.
  • Virtual meeting support is great because it allows the voice communication, but also visual aides to provide more detailed explanations.

Where to start

If you are at all curious about how we can help, schedule a quick call. As we talk about your situation, we can determine the best options to provide the advisory services that work for you.

Free Resources

Just trying to stay update on current trends or thoughts? Check out our:

  • Blog – written entries regarding different application security topics.
  • Podcast – 15-20 minute podcast sharing our thoughts and opinions on different application security topics.
  • Live Stream – Check out our new Live streamed show on Youtube.