Penetration Testing

Testing verifies how your application security program is performing. Find out how testing can identify weaknesses and identify opportunity for improvement.

Penetration Test

A penetration test is similar to a vulnerability assessment, however it typically includes exploitation.  While a vulnerability assessment does have some exploitation to verify a finding, a penetration test explicitly will exploit vulnerabilities to determine how much access is available. This exploitation helps identify the real risk of the identified vulnerability. Penetration tests may be required for certain compliance standards, such as PCI.

DevelopSec’s unique experience in both security and strong development background gives us an advantage when it comes to assessing applications.  Understanding how applications are designed and work make it possible to find those hard to find flaws.

We use manual testing techniques to understand the application and identify the types of flaws that automated tools can’t reach. These include business logic, CSRF, authentication/authorization, and many more.

Find out how an assessment can benefit you

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is an important part of the Secure Development Life Cycle. In most cases, this type of test is performed by a third party during the testing phase or after the application is released to production.  The goal is to identify security risks that the application presents to the company.  DevelopSec not only works hard to properly assess the application, but to provide valuable and accurate information to the company to act on.  After an assessment is complete, DevelopSec is available to answer questions and work with the client and its developers to fully understand the results.

We work with you to make sure the testing fits your needs. We use flexible scheduling methods to make sure the project doesn’t get held up due to unforeseen circumstances.